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One quality about yourself can make you appear attractive, but if it’s the only quality you have – it won’t keep people wanting more of you.

Listening to Lewis Howes podcast today on Relationships (the section with Matthew Hussey) and this struck me.

Businesses like people – can reel you in, but if the one thing they used to reel you in, is all they have… it won’t be long before you’re bored.

In business or in life – strive to be better all the time. Read your customer or your spouse and rise up to meet them. Keep them wanting more.


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Transparency Tuesday: The Post-Op Appointment

Transparency Tuesday is a concept I’m experimenting with here on the blog. Each Tuesday my post will be about an issue I’m dealing with in my life on a personal level. Whether it’s about the business I have (finding influencers, the struggle with giving things away for nothing, going “bankrupt” the first 3 months I was in business, etc), or my own personal issues surrounding love, life and being a mom. I won’t be high-lighting anything; this is the real deal.

“We found a 4mm nodule on your left lung, at the top…. what we suggest is that you follow up with your primary care physician for a CT scan.” My heart was pounding, way more than it had been in the week prior.

I had noticed something was weird on Thursday after my appendix surgery. I was short of breath walking up one flight of stairs, and I had these weird twinges of pain in my chest. I wrote it off as anxiety because I was about to get on a plane for New York. I was beyond excited so I figured the excitement was causing me to be acutely sensitive.

It was still pretty bothersome in New York. My friend Stephanie and I would be walking around the city and I could barely have a conversation with her between breaths. I blamed it on my surgery because, in all honesty, I wasn’t sure if it was (or could be) the culprit. I knew my follow up appointment was May 1st, so I waited it out. However, the chest pain and the shortness of breath weren’t changing.

When I got to my appointment they looked at my incisions, poked around, and then asked, “do you have any other concerns?”

“I have a hard time catching my breath and when I take in deep breaths my chest hurts.” I put my hand on the right side of my chest.

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Are You a Good Friend?

Have you ever thought about what makes you a good friend? Recently I read an article that outlined the criteria for being a good friend and I have to be honest: I don’t think I’ve been a very good friend.

According to Mark, it isn’t how we react to our friends’ BAD news that matters so much, after all, they’re pretty down anyway. It’s what we have to say when our intimates present us with the GOOD news that determines the strength of our friendships – are we pleased for them? Do we voice our pride and support and shout loudly enough over that little voice inside us asking why we didn’t have a better day ourselves, or if they’ll remember to ask about us? – Caroline Frost – Finding Happiness, Huffington Post UK

How many times have you been sitting with a friend and as they tell you about something incredible that’s happened to them you’re distracted by your own thoughts?  Instead of listening and sharing in their excitement you’re jealous or maybe just waiting for a break in the conversation to talk about yourself.

It’s not about how you react to hearing your friends’ sorrows, it’s how you react to their joys….

Are you able to separate yourself from the “what about ME” mentality and genuinely be happy for them?

When I was little I had this picture album and on the cover was a little girl and a quote,

“Dear God, if I give all my love away can I have a refill?”

I use to feel like good things were limited, like if my friends had something happen to them then it was one less thing out there for me.

Good things in life are only limited if you limit yourself. It’s not your friend’s fault if good things aren’t happening for you. If you don’t take action to get what you want, good things won’t happen for you. (Next week we discuss – how KNOWING what good things you want to happen to you also helps….

Be happy for your friends, and don’t worry….it doesn’t take anything away from you or your future successes.