Transparency Tuesday: Social Media Influencers

Transparency Tuesday is a concept I’m experimenting with here on the blog. Each Tuesday my post will be about an issue I’m dealing with in my life on a personal level. Whether it’s about the business I have (finding influencers, the struggle with giving things away for nothing, going “bankrupt” the first 3 months I was in business, etc), or my own personal issues surrounding love, life and being a mom. I won’t be high-lighting anything; this is the real deal.

ss-2018-new-year-800x533My goal at the onset of 2018 was to “land” two social media influencers.

What does that mean? It meant getting my product in the hands of social media “stars” who had large followings and a large influence on that following. Get them to wear my stuff, and post it on their Instagram page.

The problem was, I had no idea how I was going to do it. I didn’t even really know how it all worked. I tried to Google it, but nobody could tell me the process of how exactly to get ahold of influencers (was it DM, was it email) or what to say once you had their attention. But you know what they say – your intention is the first step to getting what you want.

By the end of February, I had two.

Story #1: She loved my stuff!

GuitarI had no idea what a social media influencer was when I stumbled upon her Instagram feed. I just loved her style; she had amazing tattoos and the pictures she posted were so good at capturing her swagger. She had this swagger about her that was inspiring.

She eventually became the person I thought of when I first started designing The Boyfriend Collection. Not in the way of promoting my brand, but as the inspiration for my brand. I wanted styles seemingly made for men but in sizes that ladies could wear. A unisex line if you will. This girl personified what I was envisioning for my entire line of mala bracelets.

So when she posted a picture in her Instastory that really caught my eye, I borrowed the image. It was a picture of her meditating on a rock. I captioned it,

Wow! What a Monday! I don’t know about you… but I’d like to spend the rest of the week doing this!!!”

Untitled⠀Photo of: @whiteblazed ⠀
Photo credit: @appalachianexplorer ⠀

Guitar2When I woke up Tuesday morning I had about 43 notifications – which was unlike any post I had ever made before going to bed on a Monday night. I couldn’t even remember what I had posted. It was then that I realized, not only had she liked the image, commented on the image, and even commented on my other posts, she had posted one of my malas in her instastory.

So, I jumped at the opportunity. I reached out to her and introduced myself. She wanted a special order that I was unsure of; I didn’t think I was ready to venture into necklaces so I told her I would send her the bracelets instead – ifshe would be willing to take a couple of pictures for me. I didn’t need her to post them on her feed or anything, I was a new brand and didn’t have any good stock images. I knew her wife was a photographer that took most her images on her page, and I wanted some cool ones of my stuff. She agreed. And before I knew it, there I was… on her wrist, and on her instastory. It was an incredible moment.

I still get giddy and excited when I see her wearing my bracelets. Not just because I wanted an influencer but because she’s the inspiration behind the line; she’s perfect for them. I couldn’t have wished for a better person to wear and “promote” my brand.

Stay tuned, because next Tuesday I continue on with Influencers and I talk about how I landed my first MTV personality, Nate Siebenmark from Are You The One, and The Challenge.

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