Are You Impeding Your Own Success

How did I go from being an impulsive go-getter to an over-analytical observer?

How did I become afraid of my own instincts?

Sometimes we are faced with a fork in the road and while each direction has it’s pros & cons, ultimately one is the best choice. But, how do I know the choice I’m making will be the best one?

“Successful people make decisions quickly (as soon as all the facts are available) and change them very slowly (if ever). Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly, and change them often and quickly.” – Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich

When I asked a Facebook group this question, the responses I got were variations of the same thing, “Go with your gut.” Going with your gut implies a predisposition or a sixth sense, or intuition even… often times “going with your gut” means to carry out an action based on instinct. However, in order to take action – we also need faith. 

“Make a choice, then make it right.” – Calvin Wayman (Tweet This)

How do you make decisions? Careful analysis of options? Discussion? Guidance from a mentor? Instinct?

Q: What happens when you doubt your instincts? 

A: We lose faith.

When I was young I was impulsive. I would leave a job before I even had another job to go to. I believed in the notion that everything would work out. Which, I learned later, was actually a clever disguise for the confidence I had in my grandparents, rather than an actual faith in myself. They always provided where I fell short. But I never hesitated to make a decision because I knew would help me if the decision I made turned out to be the wrong one. So I say again, faith. We impede our success when we lose faith in our ability to change or adapt any decision we make.

“When instinct is married with faith – we become unstoppable.” (Tweet This)

I spend more time weighing the options that eventually a decision is made for me by outside circumstances. I get angry with myself when I’m at the point of analysis paralysis.  Doubt creates a lack of faith and when no faith exists we don’t believe we can adapt. 

When we believe that our decisions are final, we often times fail to make any decision at all. (Tweet This)

What decision have you faced in your life? Were you quick to decide? Did it turn out the way you hoped? What do you think contributes to quick decision making? Is it faith?

Tell me about it!


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