Maintaining Your Mediocrity

You didn’t really believe this was a blog post with instructions on how to maintain your mediocrity, did you? Good, because it’s not.

What do you think when I say,

“We maintain our mediocrity when we disregard the instructions as outlined by others of success.”

When we have knowledge of the rules and laws, and things we should do (proven steps that need to be taken) and we disregard them thinking we know better…WE FAIL

Does that sound familiar? You know you’ve done it; asked for help and then disregarded the instructions. You’ve justified it by saying, “I’m different than she is, it’s not going to work for me like that… I know myself.” And yet, you never see the success you were hoping to see.

If you want success and someone of success tells you how to get it – DO IT.

Don’t think you know better. If you did you would be where you want to be already.

Early last year, I decided I needed to make some changes in my life. I made the conscious effort to lose weight. I had given birth to my second child four years prior and was still suffering the hardships of carrying extra weight.

And thus arose an important question: “What do I need to do in order to be successful?”

I went to the people in my life who were losing weight. I asked their advice and took notes. I realized on a very cellular level, if they were doing it and I hadn’t had any success up to that point, their advice was probably valid and definitely useful. Then it was a matter of:





I had a conversation with a co-worker shortly after I lost my 37th pound, about weight-loss – she wanted to know what I was doing to be so successful. I told her, “No fast food, no carbs, no processed food…” She turned to leave, “I think I’m going to try that.”

The next week she lost 10lbs…SUCCESS

The next time you find yourself at the precipice of a new challenge or adventure, and there is success to be had in your efforts, take note:

If you had all the answers you would be where you want to be already, and asking for help doesn’t stop at the asking. There is DOING to be done. And I know…YOU CAN DO IT. 

Has there been something in your life where you found yourself asking for help, only to talk yourself out of the advice that you received? Let’s talk about it!

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